Motorcycles reimagined for the roads of tomorrow

Retro styled electric motorcycle with futuristic updates.

Patent pending swappable battery system and drivetrain

enjoy the city



Top speed 120 km/h
Range 100 km+

Modular batteries
Customizable bodywork
Smart accessories
24/7 cloud connectivity
Over The Air updates


UC1 has removable batteries which are designed for hot-swapping in seconds- the fastest and the cleanest way to refuel. Add range to match your commuting needs- up to 3 batteries for 150km on a single charge.

With Kitinmoto battery sharing and leasing plans you only pay for the energy used and never overpay for high initial battery costs.


Kitinmoto generative design leverages machine learning to mimic nature’s evolutionary approach. No longer bound by the human imagination, AI designed structural elements minimize materials waste, are more rigid and more lightweight than ever.


Personalize your UC1 with interchangeable body panels and expand the functionality with smart plug and play accessories. Kitinmoto bodywork is made out of biodegradable hemp-based plastic composite.


Bright anti-glare LED dashboard with new revolutionary e-motorcycle controls, seamless cloud connectivity and 24/7 GPS security. No matter if you ever ridden a motorcycle before, you’ll be surprised how easy and intuitive it feels.